Social media has emerged out to be a powerful platform for marketing. It was earlier used for merely socializing over the Internet; however, with the passage of time, it has turned out be an important part of the marketing campaigns conducted by various companies across the globe. One of the major social media network, Facebook, is known to be the top priority for business entities to market their products to consumers. Its benefit for B2C businesses are known to everyone; but not many people are aware of the fact that it can hold equal, if not more, benefits for B2B marketers as well. Wondering how? Read on to some of the reasons which make Facebook a great place for B2B Marketers.

A Greater Reach
As per the stats, 78% of users use the LinkedIn platform for professional reasons; hence, it was the top priority for the B2B marketers to invest their efforts in. However, Facebook has surged up to be a close competitor of LinkedIn when to come to the number games. Around 74% users, who own an account on Facebook, use it for professional reasons. The reason behind this growth of professional users on Facebook is that it allows the users a greater reach. You can create a community or page and attract customers from across the globe with your attractive content.
Safe Experience for the Users
Another reason why people prefer Facebook over any other platform for B2B marketing is the increased response rate. Since the ads clicked on this platform (on smartphones/tabs) open up within the app rather than taking them to an external link in a new website, the users feel safe to open the links you are sharing with them on Facebook.
Enhanced Targeting
Facebook has certain metrics and marketing tools which allow the b2b marketers to attract their targeted customers with their personalized content in a better way. The individualized targeting can help them to generate leads for their business. There are other features as well that most marketers don’t know about that can help you reach your contacts that might be hard to reach or get in front of. Cross Roads Marketing has a way of finding these hard to reach within the Facebook platform. For more information on this service click here.
Video Ad Content
Another reason that goes in favor of Facebook over the traditionally used platform LinkedIn is the video ad content feature. You can use this feature to engage and attract your clients and generate leads for your business. Moreover, you can use video stories to explain features of the products and/or services you are offering to your prospect clients rather than simply listing them on your feed. To cut the long story short, Facebook, with its numerous features and enhanced reach, is surely going to take the place of LinkedIn for B2B marketing. It is cheap and will open up many horizons for the business entities to cater a large section of the audience with their attractive content and make opportunities to grow and prosper in no time. Since not many people are yet inclined towards B2B marketing on Facebook, it’s the right time for you to take advantage of lack of competition and create a strong mark on this platform.
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