Digital means of marketing has replaced email marketing to quite an extent now. However, email marketing is still very effective. Many businesses are reluctant in using email marketing only because they think it is an old marketing approach. According to 59% of B2B marketers, it is the most efficient channel for revenue generation. In 2014, email marketing was listed as the most powerful tool for customer retention.
Here are some reasons why you should still use email marketing in these times:

Effective Way to Keep the Customers Updated
Email marketing makes it easier to keep the customers updated about all the latest products and services. Consumers often seek out email marketing campaigns from their favorite local stores and brands. Through email marketing, a newsletter can be delivered to the inbox of the customers which they can view and easily get information about the new products and services that the business is offering.

Creates Lasting Relationships
Telemarketing and other ways of marketing can be annoying for the customers, and they may feel comfort in ending the business relationships. However, email marketing is different. Customers are not annoyed by receiving emails because they can quickly view them at their convenience. Email marketing is a silent way to market the business and its products or services. Email marketing provides all the useful information to the customers without causing a disturbance. This builds a sense of comfort and trust among the customers and the business which lays the foundation for a long lasting relationship.

Inexpensive as Compared to Others
As compared to other marketing strategies, email marketing is relatively inexpensive. You just need marketing automation software, and that’s it. After this first investment, the cost of sending emails is less than one penny per message. You have the liberty to decide the frequency of emails that you want to send to the customers. The software saves you the hassle of sending the emails individually. It will utilize the email IDs in your database and will deliver the emails in a single click to all the customers.

Makes Performance Measurable
Through the use of email marketing, you can measure the performance of your marketing strategy which is not possible with other marketing strategies. Marketers can evaluate performance and make data-driven decisions about how and where to improve. Besides this, marketers can also test several different elements like the subject matter, email length and of course the call-to-actions. This marketing strategy is highly customizable.

Provides Assistance in Gathering Valuable Knowledge about Prospects
Email marketing not only makes communication easy, but it also provides valuable information about the prospects. If customers have subscribed to your emails, you will start generating leads. Some of them will start responding. This will help you to segregate the customers into different categories like likely to buy and not likely to buy etc. By doing so, you can target more on potential customers by offering them some great deals to make them your regular customer. Besides this, you will start gaining personalized information about the customers like when they like receiving emails, etc.

Email marketing is not only effective for B2B marketers but B2C marketers as well. It is a universal strategy that is still very much capable of generating favorable results for the business. If used correctly, email marketing can help you take your business to new heights. New technology or new methods do not mean that old and traditional ways have become obsolete. They possess their own identity, and this is exactly the case with email marketing.

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