In these times, people who don’t use social media can be hard to find. You can find people who don’t use a certain social media platform but not those who don’t use social media at all. Same is the case with businesses. Almost all the businesses have their accounts on social media to attract more customers. Sites like Facebook allow the businesses to gain access to a vast pool of potential customers which is not possible that easily with conventional ways of marketing.

For B2Bs, social media holds the same importance just like for B2C. Here we will discuss reasons why B2B businesses should use social media and how they can generate leads and sales through it.

Connects with Potential Partners

Social media is not just limited to Facebook and Twitter only. There is a platform known as LinkedIn which is ideally designed for B2B clients. This platform is business oriented and there is absolutely no shortage of opportunity to connect with potential partners and clients because of the popularity of these networks. In 2011, marketers were able to generate 1.8 billion leads on LinkedIn.

New Ideas

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing can be a tough task but with the presence of social media, B2B marketers can use strong content ideas that are being followed by the B2B marketers around the world. This age, in marketing, is also being termed as the age of content marketing. Using this technique and posting attractive content online can help in engaging potential customers and sales can increase to a new level. While using content marketing, it is advisable to include back linking.

Broadcasting Ideas Live

Marketing is all about presenting your ideas to potential customers. Social media provides a golden opportunity to reach out to customers in a completely unique manner. The advancements in social media and the introduction of new trends have made it easy to interact and engage with the customers. One of the best features of social media is that you can now broadcast live. The live video feature is helping many B2B marketers achieve their goals much quicker than anticipated.

More Traffic

Social media generates more traffic to B2B sites. More traffic not only means more people browsing the site but it also means that the chances of engaging customers increase significantly. According to statistics, people who spend more time on a website, end up entering into a business contract.

Social media, besides being a fantastic platform for increasing sales, can also lay the foundation for more lead generation. Leads can be created for purposes such as list building, e-newsletter list acquisition or for sales leads. In this age, not making use of the social media is an odd decision to make when you can generate tons of leads and increase your profitability.

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