The literal meaning of clutter is to fill something in a disorganized manner, or it is an untidy collection of things. Any kind of clutter is an eyesore for everyone, whether it is a cluttered cupboard or a website. When building an attorney website, it is important to write about all the services and legal help you are providing at your law firm. However, it is not necessary to write about each and everything in detail. You are trying to attract customers, not to push them away because people in this era want more by scanning lesser.

Too Much Content Might Be Harmful To Your Site

In today’s marketing field less is more. This phenomenon should also be followed when you are marketing about the skills and services you are marketing on your attorney website. If a person going through emotional stress due to a broken relationship visits your website to seek help for a divorce procedure. He will not be interested in the thorough history of your legal background, how long you have been practicing or all kinds of services you provide for different legal matters. Rather than that, he will want a quick solution about his predicament. If he gets his solution in a few clicks he will be more satisfied than browsing through lengthy essays or a tirade of pop-ups.

If you will organize your attorney website in a pattern where lesser words are used but the quality of the content is good, people will less likely to bounce off your website. The user-friendly interface will not only retain traffic more on your website but also you will gain a higher ranking on the Avvo (an online legal services marketplace).

Tips To De-clutter Your Website


  1. Set the Purpose of Your Site

You have to decide what the core purpose of your attorney website is. The websites are built either for selling, engaging or educating. In your case, you have to focus on which theme you are basing your website content. In this process, you also have to choose your niche and your target audience to which you want to cater your services. It can be criminal cases, family issues, property legal advisory or much more as per your expertise.

  1. Remove unnecessary or Long Content

In web, marketing quality is more important than quantity. You don’t need giant blocks of texts to make your point. When you are building your attorney website or giving it a fresher look, search for keywords thoroughly and strategize your content around these keywords. Otherwise, the information you are providing will look as unorganized to the people and they will bounce off your website sooner than you may like.

  1. Use White Space to Accentuate Specific Offers

Another way to de-clutter your attorney website is to space out the contents in your website to accentuate important content and by extending your site vertically. It will not only give a cleaner look to your website but also will give more focus to important content that will be displayed above the fold for the visitors.

  1. Balance Aesthetics with Function

You should choose the imagery of your attorney website in that way which creates a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Too much-contracting color pop-ups and images will make it harder for the visitors to read the content on your website. Plus too much ads can make your websites feel cluttered and its readability will be reduced. In addition, it will take the visitors’ focus off of your website towards the content of the ads.

If you want your attorney website to be more attractive to visitors and you want to have a low bounce ratio, then you need to organize your website with regards to your niche and your best selling point. In order to know more about tips on de-cluttering your website feel free to contact us.

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