Social media has become a useful tool for B2B businesses to increase sales. When it comes to B2B companies, social media plays an equally important role and can generate an increasing number of sales. In the UK, only 64% of the B2B companies use social media to boost their sales which mean 36% of the B2B companies are not using social media as a marketing tool.
Here we will discuss some ways which B2B companies can use social media to formulate a robust B2B social media marketing strategy. In these ways, B2B companies will be able to generate new leads and increase their conversion rate as well.

Define Your Target Audience
While talking about B2B social media marketing, we often hear about identifying the target audience. The reason is straightforward; it is the beginning point of the social media marketing strategy. You can research about your competitors to find out what they are doing to target the customers, which social media platforms they are using, and where are they getting their information. Once you have defined your target audience, you can drive your B2B social media marketing strategy towards them.

Choose the Right Social Media Platform
Among the many social media platforms available, B2B companies need to realize that not all of them can generate the same results. For B2B companies, LinkedIn has become a center of opportunities. By searching connections using your niche, you can find businesses that can be your future customers. It is the most preferred platform for B2B companies. Besides LinkedIn, you can use Facebook to target your customers. Facebook ads give a unique opportunity to reach 2 billion people worldwide. Thus you can make your business reach global markets as well.

Hire Someone Competent
One of the reasons why B2B social media marketing strategies fail is the lack of ability of the person managing the social media. You have to hire someone who is experienced in your niche instead of a person expert in social media. This will allow you to target customers in your industry rather random people. An expert in your field will be able to develop a movement on social media and shape the brand’s voice while expanding its reach.

Use Content Marketing as a part of Social Media Marketing
Content marketing is a part of social media marketing. To establish your brand, you need to use content marketing in integration to social media marketing. Using the techniques of White Hat SEO and promoting your business through unique and attractive content, you can generate leads and convert them to customers.

The fact that not most of the B2B companies use social media, there is a huge room for your business to establish a proper brand on the social media and generate increasing leads. In the next few years, B2B markets will become more active on social media. Using the above ways, you can create a drive on the social media and make your business a brand. While using social media, a few things need to be kept in mind:

• Maintaining a unique identity
• Posting attractive & catchy content
• Keeping in touch with customers and replying to all their queries
• Not sponsoring every post
Using the discussed ways and keeping the above factors in consideration, you can generate favorable results from your B2B social media marketing strategy.

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